Sharing my thoughts with a Commissioner!

Our pupils were very excited because they discussed with Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, Mr. John Dalli, who kindly accepted our invitation to participate through Skype in our activities for celebrating Europe Day! We are really appreciating his participation and this led us to celebrate Europe Day even better than we expected!

Pupils asked Commissioner Dalli about fair-trade, hunger in Europe, smoking and drugs. They are very concerned about these topics and they shared their thoughs with him. The discussion with Commissioner Dalli took place from 9:00 till 10:00.


John Dalli served as a Cabinet Minister in the Maltese Government since 1987 having been first elected to the House of Representatives of Malta on behalf of the Nationalist Party in 1987. He has served as Parliamentary Secretary for Industry (1987-1990), Minister of Economic Affairs (1990-92), Minister of Finance (1992-1996, 1998-2003) Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion (2004). Between March 2008 and February 2010, John Dalli served as Minister for Social Policy which includes the Health, housing, employment and industrial relations portfolio.

As a qualified accountant, Dalli has also worked in the private sector in Malta and abroad, both in industry and as an independent consultant.

In February 2010 John Dalli was appointed as European Commissioner responsible for Health and Consumer Policy.

John Dalli was born on 5th October 1948. He is married and has two daughters.


Personal details
- Maltese
- Born October 5, 1948 in Qormi, Malta
- Married
- 2 children

Current duties
European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy

Political career
- Since May 1987-2010 : Member of Parliament
- 1987-1990: Parliamentary Secretary for Industry
- 1990-1992:Minister for Economy
- 1992-1996: Minister of Finance
- 1996-1997: Shadow Minister of Finance and Chairman of Public Accounts Committee
- 1998-2003: Minister of Finance
- Mar 2003-Apr 2004: Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs
- Apr 2004-Jul 2004: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion
- Mar 2008 - Feb 2010: Minister for Social Policy

Professional career
- 2004-2008: Management Consultant
- 1996-1997 Management Consultant
- 1981-1986: Management Consultant
- 1977-1979: Manager of IT Development Project with Blue Bell Europe (Brussels HO)
- 1972-1977: Financial Controller Blue Bell (Malta) Ltd.

- 1971: Association of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants

- Maltese and English: mother tongue
- Italian: thorough knowledge
- French: basic knowledge

Some of pupils’ questions to Commissioner Dalli were the following:

Who were Robert Schuman and Jean Monett?
Who created the European flag?
Zuzana Slašťanová, 13 years old, Grade 7.A

Which of the 27 EU Member-States are using mills energy?
How is it possible to take decisions with so many members in the European Parliament?
Andrea Valušková, 13 years old, Grade 7.A

What do you think about Fair Trade?
Veronika Slašťanová, 14 years old, Grade 8.A

What is the most important subject about health for European citizens at the moment?
How does the European Union respond to the drug use?
Have you ever visited Slovakia?
Eleónora Uhrovičová, 13 years old, Grade 7.A